Russian version

Editorial foreword

State authority

Pyotr Valuev
Presidential Administration and Security Agencies: Before and after the presidential election

Inna Romashevskaya
Five Hundred-Dollar Government

Alexandr Alessin, Andrey Volodkin
Cooperation in Arms: Building up new upon old

Andrey Kazakevich
Parliament: An ornamental element of "law-making"

Zmicier Kuhley
Local Authorities: Self-government sacrificed to liberalization


Vladimir Rovdo
Presidential Campaign

Sergey Nikolyuk
Presidential Election: Sociology of electoral stability

Foreign policy

Valeria Kostyugova, Anatoly Pankovsky
Russian-Belarusian Relations: Ultimate dependence

Dzianis Melyantsou
Belarus – EU: Dialogue anticipating the elections

Andrey Fyodorov
Belarus – U.S.: From dialogue to sanctions

Kamil Klysinski
Polish-Belarusian Relations: Another crisis

Gennady Maksak
Belarus – Ukraine: New emphases – open opportunities

Vladimir Dunaev
Regional Integration in Eastern Europe

Siarhei Bohdan
Belarusian Policy in the Developing World in 2010: Cautious money-making


Inna Fedotova, Vitaly Belovsky
Civil Society: Hyperactivity with a view to future performance

Yury Chausov
Party Theatrics for Political Process

Alexey Medvetsky
Media: The state’s Pyrrhic victory

Marina Sokolova
Internet and Online Media

Natallia Vasilevich
Religious sphere: In the run-up to the presidential campaign

Svetlana Matskevich
Belarusian Education: A short-term victory or a long-term loss?

Alexandr Gritsanov
Science: New goals indicate decline

Maxim Zhbankov
Culture Politics: A time of mutation

Boris Tasman
Sports: Olympic ups and doping downs

Nadezhda Yefimova
Public Opinion: Yearly dynamics and certain results


Dmitry Kruk
Macroeconomic Situation: Growth at any cost

Alexandr Mukha
Belarus’ Foreign Exchange Market and Banking System

Kiryl Hajduk
Labor Market and Social Policy: Post-crisis recovery amid presidential election

Alyona Rybkina
Energy Sector: Rent cuts

Maria Akulova
Foreign Investments: Not only lure them, but make them work

Konstantin Skuratovich
Agriculture: Growth amid poverty