This publication is an annual integral analysis of the essential spheres of the state and society.


Editorial foreword

State authority

Nikolai Burov
The Administration of the President: Between Scylla of the socially oriented economy and Charybdis of the «wild» oligarchy

Ina Ramasheuskaya
The Government That Has No Fear

Alexey Medvetsky
Security Agencies: The rise of new elites

Andrei Porotnikov
Armed Forces: Degradation of the defense potential

Andrei Kazakevich
Parliament: Constancy with minimal changes

Dzmitry Kukhlei
Local Authorities: Stability and controllability

Andrei Yahorau
Parliamentary Elections of 2012: A show in keeping with the worst traditions

Foreign policy

Kirill Koktysh
Russia — Belarus: Eurasian waltz

Dzianis Melyantsou
At a Deadlock: Development of relations between Belarus and the European Union

Andrei Fyodarau
Belarus — USA: Stepping off the freezing point?

Kamil Klysinki
Polish-Belarusian Relations: Year of stagnation in hostile atmosphere

Gennady Maksak
Belarus — Ukraine: Between the Customs Union and the European Union

Andrei Yeliseyeu
Belarus and Developing Countries: Faulty single-commodity export orientation


Dzmitry Brukhavetski
Pro-Government NGOs: Everyone chooses his own service

Irina Dounaeva
Third Sector: Solidarity and competition

Yury Chavusau
Political Parties: Between a boycott and parliamentary election campaigning

Arkadz Nesciarenka
Media: Conservative reform/migration

Mikhail Doroshevich, Marina Sokolova
Internet Development and Usage

Vladimir Dounaev
Contradicting Ideas for Education Policy

Andrei Laurukhin
The Swing Principle in Science and Innovations: Between radical modernisation and maintaining the status quo

Natallia Vasilevich
Churches and the State: Ten years after the law On religion

Andrej Vitushka
Health Care: End of the welfare state

Maksim Zhbankou
Post-National Culture: Life in defiance of concepts

Barys Tasman
Sports: Olympic failure and overall regression

Yury Drakakhrust
Public Opinion: Back to what it used to be, or a bifurcation point?

Nadezhda Yefimova
The Most Momentous Events of 2012 through the Prism of Public Opinion


Dzmitry Kruk
Macroeconomic Situation: Back to the old economic policy

Alexandr Mukha
Currency Market and Banking System: Early recovery or short-term break?

Kiryl Haiduk
Labor Market and Social Policy: Peak of political business cycle and «modernization»

Tatsiana Manionak
Energy Sector: The heyday before the sale

Maria Akulova
Foreign Investments: Focusing on loans

Konstantin Skuratovich
Agriculture: First growth, then money